Tuesday, 31 January 2012

gardening info-propagator box

I decided to try and make a propagating box and after a mark 1 version I came up with version mark 2 which will turn out to be a success of that I'm sure.The reason I put this together was to kick start my seed sowing as the greenhouse we had was wrecked by winds over the Christmas/New Year period.Basically what I did was lay a soil warming cable in a box,cover it with perlite and place seed trays on top of perlite and cover box with perspex no,no,no,NO,wasn't happy about that at all. So to cut a long story short,I fixed the soil warming cable to the bottom of the box with ties and placed the seed trays straight onto the cable, SUCCESS,finally my brain had clicked into gear.You can see from the first 2 photos the disaster of Mark 1,but we gardeners get it right in the end,(photo3),LOL

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