Sunday, 18 March 2012

gardening info-composter

We installed a new composter on Friday,this composter composts cooked and uncooked food underground.The way it works is a large hole is dug and a basket is placed into the hole and the green cone is screwed onto the basket securing it into the ground and the waste is placed into the green cone. The way it works is the waste material rots under ground releasing the goodness into the soil by means of a liquid, The basket allows the worms and beneficial soil micro organisms to come and go,there is no smell as the cone is sealed so flies cannot get in, the cone is double skinned so generating heat which helps decomposition.Come and see it yourself at the National Wildflower Centre,seek me out and I gladly tell you all about this and all methods of composting.The basket is out of sight underground secured to the cone,in the bed where it is sited we are growing our comfrey.

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